reading output from a .sol file
2014-10-15 07:20:27 UTC
Hello everyone,

I have a .sol file at my hand and I wish to make it an xml file so that its a bit more convenient to read and skim off data from an xml file. But to do that, I need to write a function to read the values in the .sol file. What I intend is when I read the line z_ something, i need to have a request tree and based on the number that follows the underscore, i will update the id of the request...but for the f_0_0(0,1)_(1,5) category, its a bit tricky. excluding the first few, when I read the contents in the brackets, the first set (0,1) means the virtual link and i update the xml with this and the second set (1,5) indicates the physical link on which the virtual link is placed. This is where I need your help. I tried writing one but I found it too hard.

Hopefully you guys help me out or point me to the relevant sources for more information.
Sorry for the trouble and thanks a lot

z_0 1.000000
x_0_0_1 1.000000
x_0_1_5 1.000000
x_0_2_20 1.000000
x_0_3_21 1.000000
x_0_4_8 1.000000
f_0_0(0,1)_(1,5) 33.800000
f_0_1(1,2)_(5,9) 51.100000
f_0_1(1,2)_(9,20) 51.100000
f_0_2(2,3)_(2,21) 33.300000
f_0_2(3,2)_(2,22) 33.300000
f_0_2(3,2)_(18,19) 2.900000
f_0_2(2,3)_(18,25) 2.900000
f_0_2(3,2)_(19,20) 2.900000
f_0_2(2,3)_(20,22) 33.300000
f_0_2(3,2)_(21,25) 2.900000
f_0_3(3,4)_(5,8) 48.000000
f_0_3(4,3)_(5,25) 48.000000
f_0_3(3,4)_(21,25) 48.000000

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